30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge- Day 21

Day 21: Many people say stress triggers symptoms, do you agree or disagree?

In my case, I wouldn’t say this is true in every case. I have had instances of great stress and gotten through those with no signs of my illness and then there were other times when I didn’t feel like I was under any additional stress, and even had many great things happening in my life and yet still felt tremendous anxiety and depression (but this was prior to my being treated).

Currently, I have significant personal and professional stress in my day to day life with some unfortunate unanticipated problems that require much of my attention, care, resources and consideration and while there are moments of slight (normal) anxiety, I have been able to jump in to problem solving ‘Super Mom’ mode and have felt strong and protective. I have to make sure I take plenty of time to rest and decompress and to say ‘No’ to any extra duties and projects so I can focus on my family, but I am able to handle it all without feeling like I am going to crumble or weaken.

When stress involves my children, or is related to something I can form some sort of control over I don’t feel it at all contributes to triggering. Thankfully!

30 Days of Mental Illness Awareness Challenge- Master List.


About Christine O.

A single Mom to two little girls until March 9, 2014 when I married my soul-mate, full time executive in a demanding field, marathon runner, daughter to the perfect parents, oldest sister of a younger brother and sister, coach, boss, girlfriend, best friend, member of the church choir, volunteer in the local Lion's Club and CASA organization, and becoming newly acclimated to the world of mental illness after a life changing event. My goal in blogging and learning as much as I can about this subject is to defeat stigma associated with brain disease and preventing suicide in the future.
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