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It’s Been A Long Time (I.E. Happiness ~ Survival > Existing)

 The title is kind of making fun of some of my former posts. I am currently in remission from Major Depression (Thank God). Of the things real/possible/suggested/hypothesed/etc. this condition is the one I know I am most in danger … Continue reading

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Fifteen Thoughts

I am joining the challenge and answering these questions as well… 1. What is your favorite word and why? ‘Mommy’ I hear that spoken by any child anywhere and I turn around by instinct. And then I immediately think about … Continue reading

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Family and Friends After A Suicide Attempt

Recently I was invited to contribute to an online site for survivors of suicide attempts. After I completed that essay, the editor asked me how my family and friends were with me and I was with them after the incident. … Continue reading

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What does God think about Suicide?

Recent events, Suicide Awareness Day, Week and Month upon us and Mental Health Day (on October 10th) have made me very curious and insatiably needing to read/ hear/ learn all I can on the subjects of suicide, mental illness, depression … Continue reading

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