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Bullying and My ‘Little’

She got a haircut last Saturday. I was thrilled because this meant no more fighting her to brush out the tangled mess at the back, underpart of her long, brown head of curls. My ‘Little’ (what her father and I … Continue reading

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Suffering versus Living

The Myers Briggs Test; A fun little look into our psyche that companies will often give once we begin a work relationship with them. The company I work with gave me my first test when I was 23. My first … Continue reading

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Can they be saved

My daughter mentioned to me a few weeks/days ago that someone she knew at school had lost her mother. She had lost her to suicide. I felt that familiar numbness envelop me, took a Xanax and said something about how … Continue reading

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Fifteen Thoughts

I am joining the challenge and answering these questions as well… 1. What is your favorite word and why? ‘Mommy’ I hear that spoken by any child anywhere and I turn around by instinct. And then I immediately think about … Continue reading

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